You spend months and months planning your wedding day.  You go through color scheme changes, nightmares, and so many emotions.  The wedding planning process is much like that of a roller coaster, but when that day comes, it’s bliss — I’m speaking from first-hand experience here  — and it’s the fastest day of your life!

When the day is over, you’re on to your honeymoon and your day is nothing but a memory.   As a past bride, let me tell you that as much as you’re going to do whatever it takes to get that disk of images from your photographer, it won’t mean nearly as much as your album will.  Guaranteed.  Yeah, you can always pop the disk in the comp and slide through the 500-1500 images [depending on your photogs preference,] but really, it’s not going to give you nearly the satisfaction an album will.  I truly believe that.

And because albums means so much to me as a bride, I make sure to offer them, as a photographer, to my clients, and I wanted to give you a little look-see at the albums I offer.  Let me tell you that these images do not do it justice.

All of the albums will come with a dustcover and instructions on how to care for your album.

All of the albums I offer are a classic black.  The quality of the albums are great!  See those thick pages?  That’s sturdiness, folks!The albums lay flat with a super small gutter so you don’t have to worry about creases in your images as you fold!Here’s a couple spreads from Deanna + Frankie‘s album.  You can check out their Clarke Estate wedding here.This is one of my fave spreads from their album.  First dances and parent dances are my favorite.  The emotion is overwhelming and it takes me back to my own wedding every. single. time.Also, all the albums come in a custom black box to keep it protected while it’s not in use.I hope you enjoyed this informational post!  I’ll be having another one once I get my 16×20 canvas gallery wrap!

So until next time, God Bless!




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