Gianny and Bobby’s wedding was one of my favorite types of weddings.  All about the two of them, their love, and their family + closest friends.  Their love radiated throughout the day and gave my heart that warm fuzzy feeling I so love! 
I’m so happy Belinda Love asked me to come along!  Thanks, B! =]

Gianny’s dress….faaabulouss! [Enter Jim Carey voice here]

Gianny’s something borrowed were her Enzo Angiolini gold shoes. 
Both her sisters had worn them on their wedding day.  I love that it became a tradition.Gianny got ready at her parents’ home.  I love the closeness amongst all of them!Love the look in her eyesGianny, you’re gorgeous, my dear!I’ll say it over and over again.  These next three photos are a representation of one of my favorite parts of a wedding day! 
So genuine and beautiful.So darn cute, these two.It was so adorable how easily Bobby made Gianny laugh the entire night.Gianny and Bobby insisted we have a sweet of them!! 
I took it to-go but I wouldn’t say it lasted the whole way home. 😉

Bobby and Gianny, I wish you many, many years of love and happiness! 
May you always remember the laughter you two bring to each other <3




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