Happy Mondays vol. II

i can remember back to my childhood and remember very clearly how every MLK Jr. Day went.  My mom would turn on a MLK Jr. documentary and my mom, along with me and my 3 older brothers, would watch it and have a discussion afterwards.  Every year.  I think it’s so important to not just enjoy the day off, but remember why we have it off. 
And in honor of MLK Jr, my inspirational quote for the day comes from him.  [which i made in cs5.   let me know if you’d like it as a free printable!]

 I just love that quote so much! 
Another thing I love so much….is this Christian pick-up line!  Somebody PLEASE use this and let me know how it goes! hahahI found this next funny when I was on my East Coast vacay in August last year.  The humidity was awful….I felt just like this feller below. And last, but not least, anyone who knows me knows I WebMD my symptoms like crazy….which make me go crazy.  One of my 2013 resolutions was to lay off the self-diagnosing 😉

Happy Monday!!




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