Inika, Inika

Remember when I told you I threw out all of my makeup because it was full of chemicals?  Yeah, I wasn’t lying.  But thankfully, I found a couple brands I can trust.
Today I wanted to share one of those brands with you – Inika Cosmetics.

Here’s a little background on Inika.
They were founded in 2006 and are an Australia based brand, but have a U.S. site.
Inika has a toxicity level of 0-1, it’s organic, created from quality minerals sourced from the very rocks that form our land.  They’re pure and natural, made from crushed mineral pigments and contain absolutely NO harsh chemicals, nanoparticles, fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride (a known skin irritant and by-product of refined lead and copper), GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives or fragrances.

It’s been a couple months now using Inika Cosmetics, plenty of photo sessions and weddings and let me tell you, their makeup is amazing!  I couldn’t be more pleased with this company!  I love so many of their products from their mineral foundation to their concealer to their pencil eyeliner.  I also got a sample of their primer and liquid foundation and was pleasantly surprised.  It was really light with full coverage and lasted an entire wedding day with no touch ups!   Not lying!  But nothing compares to their foundation brush.  Seriously!  Because of that brush, I have a completely different view of mineral makeup.  It’s not messy, it’s full coverage, the brush is vegan and sooo soft.

Anyway, clearly i’m gaga over Inika!
So much so that I wanted to host a giveaway and will be doing so VERY SOON (after the holiday) so keep your eye out because I’ll be announcing the what’s and the how’s very soon!

And here’s a photo of my Inika loot that i love so dearly!

Have a happy and safe 4th!




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