Jaedyn’s First Cut

It’s been a crazy morning but I’m so glad I was able to stop in for Jaedyn’s [my godson] first hair cut!  It’s kind of crazy – this is a step into big boyness!  Stop it, J!
and yes, i am fully aware the term “big boyness” doesn’t exist.
Anyway, of course i brought my camera for this monumental happening.

No one likes to be sprayed.  Not even me.

Look at all that baby hair!Chop, chopping awaybaby curls <3I know this is out of focus but i don’t care.He’s such a sweetie.  Sharing his cookie =]Feelin’ fab!J, nina’s so proud of you!  You didn’t fuss one bit!



  • omg! that’s Alyssa! Luke’s hair stylist 😉 She’s been cutting Luke’s hair since his first cut when he was 8,9,10 (can’t remember) months!! lol. But yeah, awesome photos, Candice! I love stalking your blog when I’m procrastinating :) thanks for sharing these, Jaedyn is adorable!! Xo.ReplyCancel

  • Candee

    How crazy! She did such a great job i can totally see why she’s a keeper!
    haha glad I can assist in the procrastination! 😉ReplyCancel

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